COP28 in UAE: Bridging Divides for Global Climate Action in Exclusive Blue Zone and Inclusive Green Zone

COP28, which takes place in the UAE consists of two zones. The Blue Zone is managed by the United Nations Framework Convention, on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Is exclusively accessible to delegates. On the hand the Green Zone is open to the public. Provides a unique opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to make positive contributions to our world. Acting as a hub for exploration, collaboration and impactful change the Green Zone features themed areas dedicated to Energy Transition, Technology and Innovation and Youth. Visitors can participate in a variety of educational events that aim to raise awareness and inspire action for a future for both humanity and the planet.

Entry into Expo City Dubai is free; however access to COP28s Green Zone requires a Green Zone Day Pass. These passes are conveniently available online or at the box office entrances. This setup encourages participation in discussions on climate change and sustainable practices emphasizing inclusivity and collective responsibility. By facilitating access for both delegates and the general public COP28 aims to amplify its messages impact transforming the event into a catalyst, for global change.