Second endangered Sumatran rhino born in Indonesia

In Way Kambas National Park, located in Lampung provinces Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary (SRS), in Indonesia there has been news from the Environment Ministry about the birth of another Sumatran Rhinoceros. This event occurred Saturday. Involved the arrival of a male calf weighing 25 kilograms (55.12 lb). It is worth noting that this is the birth of this endangered species at the reserve this year. Delilah, who gave birth to the calf was herself born in the park back in 2016.

The successful birth resulting from natural mating highlights Indonesias dedication to rhinoceros conservation for the Sumatran rhino as stated by Environment Minister Siti Nurbaya. With this addition the population at the sanctuary now stands at a total of 10 individuals.

According to a statement released by the Rhino Foundation of Indonesia a government assessment conducted in 2019 revealed that there are than 80 Sumatran rhinos all residing within Indonesia. This particular species of rhino is unique because it is distinguished as being the rhino with two horns and can grow up to heights of 1.5 meters (5 ft) weighing, between 500 kg (1,102 lb) and 960 kg (2,116 lb).

This recent birth follows closely after another female calf weighing 27 kilograms arrived at the facility month. These occurrences serve as reminders of efforts to protect and preserve this endangered species.