All the Arcades in Dubai You Need to Know About

All the arcades in Dubai you need to know about,Here are some popular arcades in Dubai that you should know about:

1. Magic Planet: Located in several malls across Dubai, Magic Planet offers a variety of arcade games, as well as indoor rides, bowling, and other entertainment options.

2. Hub Zero: Located in City Walk, Hub Zero is a virtual reality and gaming hub with a wide range of arcade games, simulators, and interactive experiences.

3. VR Park Dubai: Located in The Dubai Mall, VR Park Dubai offers a mix of virtual reality games, rides, and attractions for both kids and adults.

4. Dreamscapes: Located in Marina Mall, Dreamscapes is a unique multimedia art exhibition that combines interactive technology and gaming experiences, allowing visitors to engage in immersive digital worlds.

5. Fun City: With multiple locations across Dubai, Fun City is a family-friendly arcade that offers a variety of games for all ages, including arcade classics and redemption games.

6. TimeZone: Located in Ibn Battuta Mall, TimeZone is a popular arcade that offers a wide range of games, including racing simulators, shooting games, and ticket redemption games.

7. Sega Republic: Although it is currently closed for renovation, Sega Republic was a popular indoor theme park in The Dubai Mall, featuring a variety of arcade games, thrilling rides, and attractions.

Please note that availability and operating hours may vary, so it’s always a good idea to check with the respective arcade before visiting.