China’s New IPO Rules: How Chinese Companies Navigate Overseas Listings

With Beijing’s greenlight, mobility unicorns Zeekr and WeRide inch closer to US IPOs,Zeekr and WeRide, two prominent mobility unicorns based in China, have received approval from Beijing to proceed with their plans for initial public offerings (IPOs) in the United States. This greenlight marks a significant step for both companies as they look to expand their presence in the global market.

Zeekr, an electric vehicle (EV) brand backed by Geely Holding Group, aims to raise funds through its IPO to support its research and development efforts and accelerate its expansion plans. The company has gained popularity in China for its smart EVs, which combine advanced technology with sustainable transportation solutions.

WeRide, on the other hand, focuses on autonomous driving technology. It has been testing its self-driving cars in both China and the United States, making significant progress in the field. The company seeks to raise capital to further develop its autonomous driving technology and expand its fleet of self-driving vehicles.

Both Zeekr and WeRide are part of a growing trend of Chinese mobility companies looking to tap into the US capital markets through IPOs. This move allows them to raise substantial funds and gain global visibility, positioning themselves as significant players in the future of mobility.

While the exact details and timing of their IPOs haven’t been disclosed yet, investors and industry watchers are keeping a close eye on the developments. As they inch closer to their US IPOs, Zeekr and WeRide are poised to pave the way for other Chinese mobility companies that are looking to capitalize on the growing demand for electric and autonomous vehicles.