A Boy’s Dream Comes True: A Journey of Passion and Excitement in Dubai

A little boy from Kuwait expressed his love and desire to go to Dubai and see the Burj Khalifa during an interview with Al Qabas newspaper. Badr and his family were at the airport heading to the UAE to spend the Eid holidays last July. The interviewer asked Badr about the places he wanted to … Continued

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In the heart of Kuwait, a young boy made headlines with his passionate longing to visit Dubai in an interview that quickly swept across social media. Sitting at the precipice of the Eid holidays last July, Badr and his family sat at the airport, ready to embark on their journey to the UAE – a trip that held so much promise and excitement.

The Wonders of Dubai: A Little Boy’s Perspective
As Badr eagerly waited for the flight, he was grabbed by an interviewer from the Al Qabas newspaper, who drew out Badr’s dreams and aspirations. “What places do you want to visit?” the interviewer asked. Without hesitation, Badr expressed his heartfelt desire to see the engineering marvel that is the Burj Khalifa. His youthful enthusiasm for Dubai’s iconic tower instantly created an online stir with his innocent aspirations garnering attention.

Culmination: Dreams Turn into Reality
The story doesn’t end with just dreams. Bursting with charm and innocence, Badr’s wish resonated far and wide, eventually finding its way to becoming a reality. His wide-eyed fascination with Dubai didn’t go unnoticed and brought about a heartwarming conclusion – a dream actualized.

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