Abu Dhabi to open UAE’s first brewery on Al Maryah Island

Abu Dhabi is, on the brink of a development in its craft beer industry as Side Hustle, a craft beer producer prepares to open the brewery in the UAE at The Galleria Al Maryah Island later this month. This exciting progress follows the updated alcohol licensing regulations in Abu Dhabi for 2021, which now permit license holders to brew beverages onsite for consumption at licensed establishments.

Located in the food and beverage district of Al Maryah Island, Craft by Side Hustle is a brewery with a seating capacity of 250 that aims to redefine the craft beer experience in the region. Drawing inspiration from brewing techniques around the world they plan to create a variety of craft beers. Adding a dimension to their brewery experience Side Hustle will also pair their beverages with delectable Southern Louisiana inspired cuisine.

While Side Hustle currently sells its beers, including IPAs, lagers and seasonal varieties across the UAE and on Etihad Airlines flights, their new microbrewery at Craft by Side Hustle marks an expansion. This facility not serves as a production space. Also offers a tasting room where visitors can savor freshly brewed creations right on site.

The establishment of Craft, by Side Hustle contributes to Abu Dhabis evolving food and beverage scene.Situated in The Galleria Al Maryah Island alongside establishments, like 99 Sushi, Zuma and Nusr Et Steakhouse this brewery introduces a dimension to the culinary offerings in the vicinity.

As the UAEs craft brewery Craft by Side Hustle is bound to captivate the interest and curiosity of both locals and visitors. It remains to be seen whether this venture will pave the way for brewing endeavors across the emirate as the craft beer movement continues to gain momentum in this region. The establishment of this brewery underscores Abu Dhabis dedication to providing an experience, within its hospitality and entertainment sector.