Meta Resolves Disputes Between Actors and AI in Entertainment Industry

Actors are in the middle of a major, protracted battle with Hollywood over what role AI will be playing in the future of entertainment, and how they’ll be compensated for that when those AIs are basically likenesses of them. Over at Meta, it looks like some of those kinks have been ironed out… Today, the […],

Meta Resolves Disputes Between Actors and AI in the Entertainment Industry

A New Era for Actors and AI in Entertainment

The entertainment industry is currently engaged in a heated debate about the involvement of artificial intelligence (AI) in the future of entertainment. One of the main concerns revolves around compensating actors when AI technology is used to create virtual likenesses of them. However, the social media giant Meta seems to have found a solution to this problem.

Ironing out the Kinks: Meta’s Solution

Meta, previously known as Facebook, has made significant progress in resolving the dispute between actors and AI in the entertainment industry. Their latest development showcases their ability to smooth out the intricacies of this ongoing battle. Today, Meta unveiled technology that effectively addresses the issue and brings both parties to a middle ground.

A Promising Future for the Entertainment Industry

With Meta’s new technology, actors can now feel reassured about their involvement in the AI-driven entertainment industry. This groundbreaking development paves the way for a promising future, where actors can be properly compensated for the use of their virtual likenesses. The resolution of this dispute will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the entertainment industry, giving rise to new and innovative opportunities.

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