Babbel Acquires Toucan: Enhancing Language Learning with Browser Extension

Babbel, the popular subscription-based language learning service, today announced that it has acquired Toucan, the well-funded language learning browser extension. Toucan, it turns out, wound down as a company earlier this year, though its service has remained online. None of Toucan’s co-founders or employees will join Babbel, which is only buying Toucan’s technology. Babbel will […],

Babbel Acquires Language Learning Browser Extension Toucan

Babbel, the renowned language learning platform, has made an exciting new acquisition. The company has announced its purchase of Toucan, a popular language learning browser extension. Despite the closure of Toucan earlier this year, its service has continued to be available online. Although no former employees or co-founders of Toucan will be joining Babbel, the company is acquiring Toucan’s innovative technology.

Expanding Language Learning Horizons

The acquisition of Toucan by Babbel signifies an expansion of the language learning experience. Babbel, already known for its comprehensive language courses, will now be able to integrate Toucan’s browser extension technology into its platform. This move allows Babbel users to enhance their language learning journey and gain a deeper understanding of new languages while browsing the internet.

Babbel’s Steadfast Commitment to Innovation

Babbel’s acquisition of Toucan highlights its dedication to staying at the forefront of language education. By integrating Toucan’s technology, Babbel can offer its users an even more engaging and immersive language learning experience. This acquisition is a testament to Babbel’s unwavering commitment to providing the best language learning tools to its users.

Looking to the Future

As Babbel moves forward with this acquisition, users can eagerly anticipate the integration of Toucan’s browser extension technology. With this new addition, Babbel continues to evolve and revolutionize the language learning landscape. Language enthusiasts can look forward to an even more dynamic and interactive experience that will help them achieve their language goals faster and more effectively.

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