Buzzing in Dubai: WhatsApp Channels Go Live

Channels is a one-way broadcast feature that allows admins to send text, photos, videos, stickers, and polls to their followers

The post WhatsApp Channels marks global rollout, includes UAE and Saudi Arabia appeared first on Gulf Business .,Buzzing in Dubai: WhatsApp Channels Go Live

Dubai is known for being at the heart of innovation and technology, and surely, it doesn’t disappoint as WhatsApp Channels finally makes its global rollout. Traditionally, WhatsApp has always enabled two-way communication. But now, in a thrilling shift, admins can broadcast updates to their followers.

WhatsApp Channels: The Revolution Begins

WhatsApp Channels are transforming how information is shared. Imagine being part of a one-way communication channel where admins can broadcast text, photos, videos, stickers-a whole repertoire of digital media to their followers. This feature is now live, and it’s catching momentum, transforming the dynamics of interaction for users worldwide, including those in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Bringing it All Together

This new chapter in the digital landscape is exciting, with WhatsApp channels making leaps in how we absorb and share information. From an admin in Dubai to a follower in Saudi Arabia, the content makes its journey smoothly and seamlessly. The UAE and Saudi Arabia are at the forefront of experiencing this shift, which marks a significant stride in broadening communication realms.

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