The Complex Process of Ending a Startup: Insights from Three-Time Founder Dori Yona

It’s easy to start a startup. But it’s far more difficult to shut one down. An estimated 90% of all startups fail, so there is no question that the problem is a widespread one. Yet the process to wind down a company is largely manual and bureaucratic. That’s something three-time founder Dori Yona realized when […],Kick-starting a startup may seem like a simple feat, however, putting an end to one is a challenge not many anticipate. It’s no secret that approximately 90% of startups meet their end prematurely, thus confirming the omnipresence of this dilemma. It was during these challenging times that three-time founder Dori Yona came to truly comprehend the complexity of this issue. He discovered the hard way that the procedure to cease a company function is primarily manual and filled with red tape. This startup journey (…to be continued)

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