Congress Party Pledges ‘First Job’ Guarantee for All Graduates if Elected

In a bid to address growing concerns over high unemployment rates, particularly among educated youth, India’s main opposition party, the Congress, has unveiled a bold electoral promise. If elected in the upcoming national elections, the Congress party has pledged to guarantee paid apprenticeships to every graduate under 25 years of age.

The proposal, announced by former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, aims to provide a ‘first job’ opportunity to young graduates, offering a stipend of Rs 1 lakh ($1,209) per year. Gandhi emphasized the significance of this initiative, stating that it represents a long-term solution to the pervasive issue of unemployment.

Under the proposed ‘Right to Apprentice Act,’ graduates would be guaranteed a one-year apprenticeship placement in either a government or private institution, with the possibility of continued employment thereafter. This transformative scheme seeks to bridge the gap between industry requirements and the skillsets of India’s workforce, thereby fostering greater employment opportunities for the country’s youth.

Gandhi’s announcement comes amidst a nationwide campaign to mobilize young voters in support of the Congress party. He emphasized the transformative impact of the proposed apprenticeship program, asserting that it would revolutionize Indian industries and shape the future trajectory of the nation’s youth.

The decision to prioritize employment generation reflects the Congress party’s recognition of the pressing need to address unemployment, particularly among educated youth. According to a report by Azim Premji University, the unemployment rate among graduates under 25 stands at a staggering 42.3%, highlighting the urgent need for targeted interventions to tackle this issue.

Recent data from the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy further underscores the severity of the unemployment crisis, with India’s overall unemployment rate increasing to 8% in February. The Congress party’s proposed apprenticeship program represents a proactive approach to addressing this challenge, aiming to empower young graduates with valuable skills and practical experience to enhance their employability.

As India prepares for the upcoming national elections, the Congress party’s electoral promise signals its commitment to fostering economic growth and inclusive development. By prioritizing youth employment and skill development, the Congress aims to offer tangible solutions to address the aspirations and concerns of India’s burgeoning youth population.