Cypherleak Raises $750,000 to Revolutionize Cybersecurity and Protect Sensitive Data

Cypherleak allows companies to track their leaked passwords and information on both the public web and dark web

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Cypherleak Raises $750,000 in Seed Round

Cybersecurity startup Cypherleak, based in Hub71, has recently secured $750,000 in a seed funding round. The company offers a unique solution that enables businesses to track and monitor their leaked passwords and other sensitive information across both the public web and the dark web.

With the increasing frequency of data breaches and cyberattacks, protecting sensitive information has become a top priority for organizations. Cypherleak’s innovative technology allows companies to proactively identify potential security risks by continuously monitoring the internet for any leaked data associated with their brand.

The Hub71-based startup uses state-of-the-art algorithms and machine learning capabilities to scan various online platforms, including both public websites and hidden corners of the internet, such as the dark web. By alerting businesses to any exposed passwords or confidential information, Cypherleak empowers them to take immediate action and prevent potential data breaches.

This recent funding round will enable Cypherleak to further develop its technology and expand its services. With the increasing demand for robust cybersecurity solutions, the startup is well-positioned to help organizations in Dubai and beyond safeguard their sensitive data in the digital age.

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