Diving into Dubai’s Vision for Employment: The Journey of Emiratisation in the Corporate World

In line with the UAE government’s vision to maximise the employment of UAE nationals in the private sector, Tariq will steer the company’s Emiratisation strategy, policy and procedures to facilitate skilling and employment opportunities. He will be responsible for the selection, retention and career development of UAE nationals, facilitating their integration in the VFS Global workforce, both in the UAE and globally.,Diving into the Buzz: Dubai’s Vision for Employment
Our journey begins with an exciting twist, as we tap into the visionary aspirations of the UAE government. They have grand plans to catapult the participation of UAE nationals in the private sector. The person at the helm of implementing this inspiring vision? None other than Tariq, an intriguing figure spearheading the Emiratisation strategy, policy, and procedures.

Building a Bridge to Tomorrow: Emiratisation in the Corporate World
The tale of Tariq goes deeper as we delve into his role in setting up skilling and employment opportunities. He is not just selecting UAE nationals for employment, he is changing their lives. Tariq will oversee the retention and career advancement of these individuals, ensuring they are not only employed but empowered and prepared for career growth.

A Global Stage for UAE Nationals
Finally, Tariq’s vision isn’t confined to the sands and cities of UAE alone. He has his sights set on integrating UAE nationals into the global workforce of VFS. This offers a dual blessing, giving UAE nationals opportunities abroad while simultaneously showcasing the capabilities of UAE’s workforce to the world.

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