Dubai Stands in Solidarity with Libya After Devastating Storm Daniel

The UAE expressed its sincere condolences and solidarity with Libya over the victims of the floods caused by Storm Daniel, resulting in numerous deaths and injuries, and causing severe damage.

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Dubai joins in expressing heartfelt sympathies with Libya following the disastrous floods triggered by the menacing Storm Daniel. A storm that not only stole lives but also left scores injured and extensive destruction in its wake.

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Our warm, pulsating city of Dubai stands shoulder to shoulder with our Libyan brothers in these testing times. The havoc created by Storm Daniel didn’t just result in a tragic loss of life, but also inflicted severe injuries on many who were unluckily in its path. The devastating event has indeed left deep marks that will linger for some time.

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Summing up, the catastrophic events following Storm Daniel have been deeply felt in our Dubai community. We extend our heartfelt condolences to our Libyan friends, grieving the lost souls and hoping speedy recovery for the injured. This grim affair has left us all with a profound thought – nature’s wrath is as real as its kindness.

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