Dubai’s Rising Prominence: A Hub for Asset Managers

The financial hub said a total of 102 asset managers, comprising investment firms and hedge funds, have set up shop in the city

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Dubai is making its mark as a burgeoning hub for finance, welcoming 102 newly established asset management firms made up of investment companies and hedge funds. These numbers only underscore the city’s growing prominence and attraction in the global financial landscape.

Living Up to Its Promise

Dubai’s claim as a contender in the international finance arena isn’t unfounded. Over the first half of 2023, the city has backed up its promise by facilitating and fostering an environment conducive to growth for these asset managers. Each one reveals various facets of the city’s appeal – from its evolving infrastructure to dynamic economic policies, showcasing Dubai’s commitment to making substantial strides in the field.

A Substantive Conclusion

The increasing presence of asset managers in Dubai is no small feat—an affirmation of the city’s numerous offerings and potential. This demonstrates that Dubai’s position as a financial hub is not just a claim, but a reality founded on tangible growth. In conclusion, the city undeniably marries allure and substance, heralding a bright future for global finance.

Source: Gulf Business | “Abu Dhabi’s ADGM posts robust growth in H1 2023”

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