DXB to welcome 4.4 million travellers during holiday season

holiday season, in swing airports over the world are experiencing a significant increase in passenger traffic and Dubai International Airport (DXB) is no exception. As people embark on journeys to be with their loved ones explore destinations and enjoy leisure getaways DXB is preparing for a busy period ahead. They are expecting an average of 258,000 passengers daily.

It’s worth noting that DXB is bracing itself for a surge on Friday, December 22nd. They anticipate 279,000 passengers on that day. This particular day is expected to be the busiest of the season highlighting Dubais appeal as a winter destination during December.

The projected increase in passenger numbers demonstrates Dubais charm and ability to attract visitors from around the world. Between December 22nd and 24th as December 29th and 31st nearly half a million passengers—mostly engaged in point to point travel—are predicted to pass through DXB. This further emphasizes the airports position as an international hub.

Essa Al Shamsi, Vice President of Terminal Operations at Dubai Airports expressed confidence in the airports preparedness, for this peak travel period.
Al Shamsi pointed out that DXB has welcomed airlines and added flights at the beginning of winter to attract an increasing number of visitors, to Dubai and make it easier for them to connect with various cities.

Recognizing the holiday spirit Al Shamsi emphasized the airports preparations for the influx referring to it as an opportunity for an experience. He also mentioned that DXB works closely with its partners to ensure a travel journey. To create an atmosphere the airport includes vibrant activities adding a touch of celebration to the overall trip.

As travelers gather at DXB in search of holiday happiness and excitement the airport serves as a gateway to Dubais city providing an festive travel experience, for all passengers during this busy season.