Gaza war changed this 22-year-old Palestinian journalist’s life

Published on December 15 2023 Plestia Alaqads life took a turn not long ago. Previously employed in the HR department of a marketing agency she used her time to document life in Gaza on Instagram with the intention of showcasing the region beyond its association, with conflict and warfare. However everything changed on October 7 when foreign media outlets approached the 22 year old and asked her to report on the war in Gaza. Alaqad, who had a following on media bravely accepted this responsibility.

One of her video clips gained attention as it captured a series of strikes that came dangerously close to her residence. Although she has since moved away from Gaza the intense experiences she had while reporting on the war have left a lasting impact on her. In a conversation with Khaleej Times Alaqad discusses her observations from being in Gaza highlighting the crucial role journalists play in presenting an accurate narrative and shedding light on Gazans unwavering resilience and generosity even amidst adversity.

Despite the circumstances they face Alaqad emphasizes how Gazans exemplify a spirit of generosity that holds lessons, for humanity.
In this interview we delve into the experiences of Plestia Alaqad as she shares her remarkable journey. She bravely confronts the hardships. Demonstrates resilience, in her efforts to raise awareness about the harsh realities of war challenging widely held assumptions about life, in Gaza.