Gender bias in AI, gaming? Dubai tech advocate points to urgent need for diversity

Gender disparities continue to exist in the gaming and tech/AI industries which’re predominantly male driven. It is evident that women only make up 16% of positions, in the gaming industry. Lucy Chow, a Strategic Adviser and the 2022 Female Angels Ambassador highlights the norms in AI and gaming emphasizing the need for significant changes from top leadership.

The main reason for these gender imbalances lies in the lack of perspectives primarily due to men holding a number of leadership roles. To address this issue it becomes crucial to promote women within these sectors to create an inclusive environment. It is important to acknowledge biases as these industries navigate through evolving algorithms requiring increased vigilance in AI development. Initiatives like Code Coven and Limit Break play a role in providing opportunities and mentorship for women helping them develop skills within the industry.

A report by Deloitte called “The State of Women in AI Today” emphasizes the gender gap within the AI industry. Mitigating biases requires diversity in decision making and developer roles. Organizations such as Women for Games and Women in AI advocate for inclusivity, within gaming. Encouraging women to pursue STEM fields helps address pipeline issues while developers must also carefully scrutinize training datasets to avoid biases when labeling machine learning data.
Promoting gender diversity, in the field of AI and machine learning is crucial for fostering a range of perspectives and creating an environment where women can excel. It is, through these efforts that we can shape a future where diversity becomes a part of the AI and gaming landscape.