Good boys turn great artists: Stray dogs delve into painting at British animal rescue centre

The Bristol Animal Rescue Centre (ARC) located in Bristol, England has found a solution, to their challenges caused by an increase in stray animals due to inflation and high interest rates. Two rescue dogs named Rosie and Alba have discovered their talents. Are now creating abstract masterpieces using their tails. To combat the ” winter crisis ” the ARC has come up with an idea—an online event called the “Mutt Gala ” inspired by New Yorks famous Met Gala, which will feature unique animal artworks that will be auctioned.

At ARC dogs like Major, a husky, engage in art therapy activities such as sniffing, licking and chewing to express themselves. The caregivers at ARC use peanut butter and “squeezy cheese” to encourage the dogs painting skills resulting in pieces that showcase each dogs individuality. Unexpected participants like Cammie the cat contribute to this endeavor.

According to reports from RSPCA up until October this year there have been 17,838 cases of abandoned animals reported in England and Wales. If this trend continues it is projected that there will be 21,417 reports by 2023. The Mutt Gala not aims to address needs but also serves as a platform for showcasing the incredible talents of these resident animals. Majors vibrant and dynamic paintings as Rosie and Albas impressive artwork have garnered recognition, from the local community of dog art enthusiasts.

The ARC is optimistic that through practice, commitment and support, from the community the artwork produced by these rescued animals could eventually be showcased in institutions such as the Tate. This initiative not offers a means of expression for the animals. Also brings attention to the difficulties faced by rescue centers during a concerning rise, in pet abandonment.