Guacamole Ain’t Extra in Abu Dhabi: Avobar Brings AI to Avocado-Loving Yas Mall

Health pro max ultra… Love avocados? You’ll love this news as London town’s very own all-things-avocado cafe, Avobar, is opening its doors in Abu Dhabi very soon. It will be the cafe’s first outpost in the region and in the capital, you can find it in Yas Mall. The ethos of the brand is all about […]

The post All about avocados: Popular London cafe Avobar to open in Abu Dhabi appeared first on What’s On .,**Title (h1): Guacamole ain’t extra: London’s Avobar brings artificial intelligence to avocado-loving Abu Dhabi**

**Key Points In a Nutshell (h2):**

– **The Birth of Avobar Abu Dhabi (h3):** Avobar, London’s premier avocado-dedicated café, is expanding its verdant empire into the Middle East and opening its first outpost in the Abu Dhabi region, specifically Yas Mall. Excuse me while I book a floor-to-ceiling padded room in preparation for all the avocado-related accidents that are bound to happen.

– **Avobar’s Ethos (h3):** The café prides itself on being about more than just a green fruit that turns brown way too fast. It’s all about the freshness of their produce and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Surprise! It turns out eating nothing but superfood might actually be super good for you, who’d have thunk?

– **Avocado-Forward Menu (h3):** The menu is an homage to the mightily versatile avocado, offering everything from avocado toast, salads, and smoothies to more innovative meals like avocado pizza and brownies. Now that’s what I call an ‘avo-lanche’ of options!

– **Artificial Intelligence in Café Operations (h3):** Avobar will be using artificial intelligence to streamline their operation – probably because humans can’t be trusted not to eat the inventory. This innovative use of AI waiters may be a playful, or chilling, glimpse of the future where your brunch is served by HAL 9000.

**Closing Remarks and Hot Take (h2)**

Hold onto your socks, Abu Dhabi and AI-fanatics because this is quite a double whammy. Not only is the hip and happening Avobar bringing an arsenal of ‘avocadoesque’ delights to the desert, but they’re also introducing a modern twist with their AI-driven operations. It seems they’ve churned out a whole new recipe combining our love for avocados (the green gold) and technology!

In this epic saga of hipsters vs machines, we see a testament to the adaptability of the service industry. It turns out you CAN teach an old (avocado) tree new tricks. And those new tricks involve chance encounters with your AI waiter who won’t judge you for ordering a third avocado toast because, let’s face it, we’re all just avo-control here.

So whether you’re an avocado enthusiast, an AI cyberpunk, or ambiguous about both, you might want to drop by Abu Dhabi’s Yas Mall to see the future unfold in the form of an avocado-topped pizza delivered by your friendly robo-waiter. If this isn’t a sign that we’re living in the future, I don’t know what is! But at least we know that future has a healthy heart… and probably sports some great skin too- courtesy of the avocado-rich Avobar menu. So, brace yourselves for a wave of mouth-watering, chip-dipping, toast-topping, robot-served excitement – served fresh at Avobar, the café that dares to ask: “Is there anything an avocado (and a bit of artificial intelligence) can’t do?”