Hamas says it rejects talks over prisoners during war, open to moves to end war

In a statement released on Tuesday a ranking Hamas official made it clear that they firmly refuse to engage in negotiations concerning the exchange of prisoners, during the conflict with Israel. Basem Naem, who serves as the spokesperson emphasized, “We want to make it absolutely clear that we reject any form of talks regarding prisoner exchanges while this brutal Israeli war continues.”

This statement highlights Hamass unwavering stance against participating in discussions solely focused on exchanging prisoners amidst the conflict with Israel. By using the term ” war ” they are expressing their condemnation of Israels military actions.

However Naem also expressed a level of openness towards initiatives that aim to bring an end to hostilities. He stated, “Nevertheless we remain open to any initiative that helps put an end to the aggression against our people and facilitates aid and assistance for Palestinians by opening border crossings.” This demonstrates Hamass willingness to consider initiatives that address the situation rather than solely focusing on prisoner exchanges.

The mention of “ending aggression” suggests that Hamas is seeking a resolution to the conflict by implementing measures aimed at mitigating its impact, on the population.
The focus is, on ensuring that aid and relief can flow through the crossings underscoring the aspect of the situation.

This statement is made in a context where tensions and conflicts persist in the region posing challenges, for both parties involved. It sheds light on Hamass stance indicating an approach that combines firmness on specific matters with a willingness to consider broader initiatives in order to ultimately bring peace and relief to the Palestinian people.