How Kotani Pay is Revolutionizing Cross-Border Remittances in Africa

Kotani gets $2M pre-seed to help African workers send money home via crypto — without the internet,That’s great news! Kotani, a startup focusing on helping African workers send money home via crypto, has successfully secured a $2 million pre-seed funding. What’s remarkable about Kotani is that it enables this initiative even in areas lacking internet connectivity.

By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Kotani aims to create an accessible and cost-effective solution for African workers to transfer money back to their families. Traditional money transfer methods often involve high fees and lengthy processing times, making it an inefficient process for many.

Kotani’s innovative approach allows users to send and receive funds using crypto tokens, ensuring faster and more affordable transactions. Moreover, the platform is designed to work without internet access, overcoming one of the major challenges faced in rural areas where connectivity is limited.

This funding will undoubtedly provide Kotani with the necessary resources to further develop its technology, expand its operations, and positively impact the lives of African workers and their families.