Mohammed bin Rashid issued a decree forming the Emirates International Accreditation Center’s Board of Directors, chaired by the Director General of Municipality

Mohammed bin Rashid’s decree to establish the Board of Directors for the Emirates International Accreditation Center marks a significant step in enhancing the center’s governance and operational framework. The Emirates International Accreditation Center (EIAC) plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and conformity assessment services across various sectors in the UAE. This decree underscores the government’s commitment to bolstering accreditation standards and supporting industries through regulatory oversight.

At the helm of this newly formed Board of Directors is the Director General of the Municipality, who will chair the board meetings and provide strategic direction aligned with national objectives. This appointment signifies the integration of governmental leadership into the regulatory processes governing accreditation in the UAE.

The Board comprises several prominent members, including Dr. Hilal Humaid Saed Al Kaabi, serving as Vice President, and Abdullah Sultan Al Shamsi, along with Dr. Farah Ali Al-Zarouni, Dr. Wafa Jaber Nasser, Dr. Marwan Muhammad Al-Mulla, Ahmed Al-Rum Al-Muhairi, and Mona Abdullah Al-Taweel Al-Shehhi. Each member brings expertise in fields crucial to accreditation processes, such as quality assurance, technical standards, and regulatory compliance. Their collective knowledge and experience ensure comprehensive oversight and effective decision-making within the EIAC.

Additionally, the board includes the center’s executive director, who plays a pivotal role in operational management and implementation of accreditation policies. This position bridges the gap between strategic oversight and day-to-day operational requirements, ensuring that the EIAC functions smoothly and efficiently in fulfilling its mandate.

The establishment of this board underscores the UAE’s commitment to enhancing its accreditation infrastructure to meet international standards and promote confidence in local products and services. By setting robust governance frameworks and leveraging diverse expertise, the EIAC aims to streamline accreditation processes, reduce regulatory burdens on businesses, and foster a competitive environment conducive to economic growth.

Moreover, this decree reflects the UAE’s proactive approach to regulatory governance, aligning with global best practices in accreditation and conformity assessment. It positions the EIAC as a key player in promoting quality assurance across sectors critical to the nation’s sustainable development agenda.

In conclusion, Mohammed bin Rashid’s issuance of the decree to establish the Board of Directors for the Emirates International Accreditation Center marks a milestone in advancing accreditation standards and regulatory oversight in the UAE. It reinforces the country’s commitment to excellence, quality assurance, and international competitiveness across its industries.