National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Requests More Information from Tesla regarding Autopilot Safety

NHTSA raises more concerns about Tesla’s Autopilot safety,The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recently raised more concerns about the safety of Tesla’s Autopilot feature. NHTSA has been investigating various incidents involving Tesla vehicles and Autopilot, including crashes and driver injuries.

The agency has expressed concerns that drivers may not fully understand the limitations and capabilities of Autopilot, which could lead to improper use and potential accidents. NHTSA is particularly worried about situations where drivers may rely too heavily on Autopilot and not pay enough attention to the road.

Tesla, on the other hand, has defended the safety of Autopilot and insists that it is designed to be used with an attentive driver who has their hands on the wheel. The company also emphasizes that Autopilot significantly improves vehicle safety when used correctly.

Despite Tesla’s claims, NHTSA’s concerns have prompted the agency to request additional data from the company and conduct further investigations. It is crucial for both Tesla and regulators to address these concerns and work together to ensure the safety of autonomous driving technologies like Autopilot.