Rising Popularity of OTA DVRs and TV Antennas: A Budget-Friendly Alternative to Streaming Services

Tablo has always been a niche product, Grant Hall, founder and CEO of parent company Nuvyyo, admitted to TechCrunch. However, as more cord-cutters become frustrated with streaming services raising their prices, OTA (over-the-air) DVRs and TV antennas are making a comeback. The Consumer Technology Association reported that 36 million U.S. households own an antenna. Plus, […],

Rising Popularity of OTA DVRs and TV Antennas

In an era where cord-cutters are increasingly frustrated with rising prices of streaming services, there has been a significant resurgence in the popularity of OTA DVRs (over-the-air digital video recorders) and TV antennas. Grant Hall, the founder and CEO of Nuvyyo, the parent company of Tablo, acknowledged that Tablo has always been a niche product. However, recent trends indicate a growing demand for these devices among consumers who are looking for more affordable entertainment options.

36 Million U.S. Households Embrace Antennas

According to the Consumer Technology Association, an astounding 36 million households in the United States currently own a television antenna. This figure is a clear indicator that OTA DVRs and TV antennas are making a comeback as a viable alternative to expensive streaming platforms. With the rising costs of subscription services, consumers are increasingly turning to these devices to access free, over-the-air broadcast channels in high-definition quality.

An Answer to Escalating Streaming Prices

As the frustrations of cord-cutters continue to mount due to escalating streaming prices, OTA DVRs and TV antennas offer a practical solution. These devices allow users to access popular local channels without the need for a costly cable TV or streaming subscription. By combining the power of an antenna with a DVR, viewers can easily record and store their favorite shows, providing them with the flexibility to watch them at their convenience.


In a world where the cost of entertainment seems to constantly rise, OTA DVRs and TV antennas offer an attractive alternative for those seeking to cut the cord without sacrificing their beloved shows. With the increasing popularity of these devices and the large number of households already embracing them, it’s clear that they have become a significant player in the entertainment industry. For consumers looking for a more affordable and flexible viewing experience, OTA DVRs and TV antennas provide a welcome solution.

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