Partnership to Create Inclusive City Project for People of Determination

In a significant stride toward inclusivity, the Department of Community Development (DCD) in Abu Dhabi has joined forces with Aldar Properties to embark on a transformative project focused on creating a city that caters to the needs of People of Determination and the elderly. This collaborative initiative reflects a commitment to fostering an environment that is accessible and accommodating for all residents and visitors.

The focal point of this pioneering project is Yas Island, a prominent destination in the capital. The partnership aims to ensure that key locations within Yas Island are designed and developed with the specific needs of People of Determination and the elderly in mind. By prioritizing inclusivity, the project seeks to create an urban environment that is not only welcoming but also functional for individuals with diverse abilities and requirements.

The planning phase of this groundbreaking initiative is set to commence in 2024, with Yas Island serving as the pilot area for the inclusive city project. During this stage, meticulous attention will be given to developing comprehensive plans that address the unique needs of People of Determination and the elderly, encompassing infrastructure, transportation, public spaces, and facilities.

The subsequent implementation of these plans is slated for 2025, marking a tangible step towards realizing the vision of an inclusive city. This timeline underscores the commitment of both the Department of Community Development and Aldar Properties to ensuring that the necessary modifications and enhancements are seamlessly integrated into the urban fabric of Yas Island.

The significance of this collaboration extends beyond physical infrastructure. It embodies a broader societal commitment to recognizing and accommodating the diverse needs of all community members, fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity and accessibility. By choosing Yas Island as the pilot area, the project showcases a strategic approach, leveraging a well-known destination to set a precedent for inclusive urban development in Abu Dhabi.

As the project progresses, its outcomes are likely to serve as a model for future city planning endeavors, not only within the UAE but also potentially influencing global conversations on inclusive urban development. The collaboration between the Department of Community Development and Aldar Properties stands as a testament to the transformative power of partnerships in shaping cities that prioritize the well-being and inclusivity of every individual.