Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday Holiday in UAE: Free Parking and Toll-Free Travel Announced

The transport regulator is offering free parking during the holiday from Friday until 7:59 a.m. on Saturday

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Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday Holiday: Free Parking and Toll Announced in UAE

Enjoy Free Parking During the Holiday

The United Arab Emirates’ transport regulator has some good news for residents and visitors during the upcoming Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday holiday. In an effort to make the holiday season more convenient for everyone, the transport regulator has announced that parking will be made free of charge. This means that from Friday until 7:59 a.m. on Saturday, you can enjoy free parking in designated areas across the country. So whether you plan to head out for some festive shopping or attend special events, you won’t have to worry about parking fees.

Make Use of Toll-Free Travel

In addition to offering free parking, the transport regulator has also announced toll-free travel during the holiday period. This means that if you are planning a road trip or need to use the tolled highways, you won’t have to pay any charges during the specified hours. This initiative aims to ease congestion and make travel more accessible for everyone during the holiday.

Enjoy the Holiday and Celebrate with Ease

With free parking and toll-free travel, the Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday holiday in the UAE promises to be even more enjoyable. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore the city, visit loved ones, and participate in festive activities without the hassle of parking fees or toll charges. The transport regulator’s efforts to create a more convenient and accessible environment during the holiday is certainly something to be appreciated.


As the Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday holiday approaches in the UAE, the transport regulator has announced free parking and toll-free travel to enhance the overall experience for residents and visitors. This gesture aims to eliminate the inconvenience of parking fees and toll charges during the holiday period, allowing people to explore the city and celebrate with ease. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity and make the most of the holiday season.

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