Radisson Hotel Group’s Ambitious Goal: 100 Hotels in the Middle East by 2026

Radisson Hotel Group’s current portfolio has 77 properties in the Middle East comprising over 11,619 keys

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Radisson Hotel Group Aims for 100 Hotels in Middle East by 2026

Expanding its Presence in the Middle East

Radisson Hotel Group, known for its luxurious properties worldwide, has set its sights on further expansion in the Middle East. With their current portfolio boasting 77 hotels in the region, comprising over 11,619 rooms, the group aims to increase this number to a total of 100 operational hotels by 2026. This ambitious goal reflects the group’s commitment to offering exceptional hospitality experiences in one of the world’s most popular destinations.

A Growing Portfolio of Luxury Properties

Radisson Hotel Group already has a strong presence in the Middle East, with a wide range of properties catering to the diverse needs of travelers. From luxurious resorts to convenient city hotels, their portfolio offers something for everyone. With the planned expansion, visitors to the region can expect an even greater selection of high-quality accommodations, ensuring that their stay in the Middle East is both comfortable and memorable.

Enhancing the Hospitality Experience in the Middle East

As the Radisson Hotel Group aims to reach its target of 100 operational hotels in the Middle East by 2026, it is clear that they are committed to enhancing the hospitality experience in the region. By expanding their portfolio, they are bringing their acclaimed standards of service, comfort, and luxury to even more guests. This growth will not only benefit travelers but also contribute to the overall development and success of the Middle East’s thriving tourism industry.

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