Set Sail With Luxury: The Ambitious Saudi Cruise Rehab Project

Cruise Saudi appoints MJM Marine and DE Wave to refurbish 98% of passenger facilities on AROYA ships,Set Sail With Luxury: The Ambitious Saudi Cruise Rehab Project

Basking in the glory of luxury is what the AROYA cruise ships have been synonymous with. Besides offering an unrivaled experience, it has asserted a strong grip on catering to the comfort needs of its passengers. However, recent advancements present a broader scope of this already high standard.

Venturing Into the Wave of Transformation

The opulence and convenience of AROYA ships will soon be taken up a notch. Cruise Saudi, the progressive maritime firm, has confidently handed over the reins of refurbishment to two trusted companions – MJM Marine and DE Wave. This transformative venture would aim at renewing about 98% of the passenger facilities. This impressive upgrade isn’t restricted to just cosmetic alterations; it delves more deeply into the concept of luxury and how it could be redefined in a cruising context.

The Promise of Innovations and Enhanced Experience

Our constant quest for improvement pushes us to provide the epitome of exclusive experiences. Keeping that in mind, MJM Marine and DE Wave are geared to leave no stone unturned in this significant upgrade venture. From room layouts to dining areas, each aspect is poised to receive an innovative touch, ensuring the passengers continue to indulge in a high-standard cruising experience.

Reminiscing the Journey and Looking Ahead

Reflecting on the richness of the journey we have traversed, the transformation is yet another nod to the commitment we carry for our patrons. This refurbishment promises to further elevate the premium experience associated with AROYA ships. So, get ready to set sail on a journey that is not just about reaching the destination, but also savors the beauty of the voyage itself.

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