Snap Shuts Down AR Enterprise Service, Refocusing on Consumer Market

Snap is closing down a division of its company designed to offer its AR expertise to enterprise customers. The initiative, called AR Enterprise Service, or ARES, was first announced in March of this year, and included a Shopping Suite for brands that allowed them to access AR try-on features, a 3D viewer for looking at […],

Snap Shuts Down AR Enterprise Service, Focusing on Consumer Market

Snap, the company behind the popular social media app Snapchat, is bidding farewell to its AR Enterprise Service (ARES) division. The division, which aimed to offer augmented reality (AR) expertise to enterprise customers, will be closed down. This comes as a strategic move by Snap to shift its focus back to the consumer market.

ARES: A Short-Lived Initiative

Snap’s AR Enterprise Service, also known as ARES, was introduced earlier this year to provide brands with access to AR try-on features and a 3D viewer. These cutting-edge technologies aimed to enhance the shopping experience for consumers. However, the decision to shut down ARES indicates a change in Snap’s priorities.

A Renewed Focus on Consumers

Snap’s decision to close down the ARES division suggests the company’s renewed commitment to its core business in the consumer market. While AR technology has gained significant traction in recent years, Snap seems to be redirecting its resources towards further improving the popular Snapchat app and its features for its millions of active users.

Future Vision for Snap

Snap’s closure of ARES does not indicate the end of its involvement in the AR space. Just last month, the company acquired British AR startup WaveOptics, showing its continued interest in developing AR technology for consumers. With this move, Snap aims to enhance its AR capabilities and deliver even more immersive experiences to its dedicated user base.

In conclusion, Snap’s decision to shut down its AR Enterprise Service division signifies a strategic shift back to focusing on the consumer market. While ARES may no longer be a part of Snap’s plans, the company remains committed to exploring and developing AR technology to enhance the Snapchat experience for its users.

Reference: TechCrunch

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