The Future of Classical Music Streaming: Apple Music Takes a Bold Step Towards Dedicated Platforms

More than 80% of the music we listen to today is delivered over streaming, according to figures from last year. But when you look at classical music, it’s been a stubborn hold-out, accounting for just a tiny fraction of that, with just 0.8% of streams (and that’s in the stream-friendly market of the U.S.). Apple’s […],**Key Points:**

– Over 80% of music is currently listened to via streaming platforms.
– By comparison, classical music only accounts for a surprisingly low 0.8% of music streams, especially in the stream-friendly United States.
– Despite the minor representation of classical music on mainstream platforms, tech companies are waking up and discovering the potential in this underserved market.
– Apple Music sees the opportunity to step in and cater to this music demographic and is introducing a platform specifically for listeners of classical music.
– This platform aims to simplify the user experience, making it easier for listeners to select their classical music choices and remove some of the challenges previously experienced.
– It may also spotlight a potential new trend: specialized streaming platforms for less mainstream genres.

## The “Symphony” of Change in Music Streaming

As with any good classical orchestration, this news about Apple’s new venture strikes a chord in more ways than one. What we see here, dear friends, isn’t just the debut of yet another music platform, but the dawn of a melody set to change the way we consume music in the 21st century.

### A Bold Move from Apple or a Series of Fortissimo Notes?

Ironically, the old-school, grandpa-jam of classical music – the genre that’s basically the vinyl record of music genres, has been overlooked in the Spotify-era where ‘hot new tracks’ and ‘fresh beats’ are front and center, and 13-year-old Tik-Tokers become pop sensations overnight. Frowning concertos and overwhelming operas have been whispering in the background, with only a modest 0.8% of all music streams. Could Mozart, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky ever have seen this coming? Probably not. Were they still around, they’d likely be raising their eyebrows in pure ‘classical confusion.’

### A New “Harmony” for Less Mainstream Genres?

While we are chuckling at the picture of wig-wearing composers trying to figure out the likes of ‘spotify’ or ‘iTunes,’ let’s give kudos to Apple Music for seeing a gap and plunging right into it like a brave knight galloping into battle. The good folks at Apple decided it was time to give the classics a front-row seat, single-handedly ushering a future where we may see more specialized platforms. Today, it’s Beethoven getting a trendy platform makeover. Tomorrow, it might be jazz or blues. Imagine a world where even Mongolian folk music or avant-garde post-modern shoegazing get their dedicated platforms.

They are clearly setting the stage (pun intended!) for new trends in music streaming services. By focusing on user experience, Apple might be conducting not only a stream of classical melodies but also a stream of specialized platforms. Streaming music will no longer be just about finding the latest top 40 hits or emerging indie artist. It will be about finding the Bach or Vivaldi in the sea of One Direction and Ariana Grande’s musical anthems.

## Dance to the Beat of the Unanticipated Melody of Change

So, hold on to your subscription folks! It might be time to dust off your symphony etiquette, put on your best white tie and tails, and get ready to waltz through the forthcoming changes in the music world. Apple, your move might be surprising, but we’re here ready to ride the waves of your symphony. Not into classical music? Well, who knows? As the sonata of streaming evolves, you might find your heartstrings being tugged by a nocturne or two.

Turns out, the good old classics still got it. They might be centuries-old, but they sure know how to rock (in a gentle, refined, and suitably ornate sort of way, of course) the streaming world.

As we say goodbye, we’ll leave you with this: Stay tuned for Apple’s lit…er…classically tuneful party.

The future of music streaming, ladies, and gents, has just hit a high note! And it’s pitched at the perfect tempo of “Allegro,” with the promise of an exciting “Crescendo” – brought to you, in part, by a symphony orchestra and a cup of Apple-ly goodness.

Here’s to finding our own rhythm in the ever-changing techno-symphony of life!