The Mystery of Dubai’s September Humidity

Winter is coming, sort of… It doesn’t take a meteorologist to tell you that temperatures have already climbed down from those fiery summer highs. But with the prevailing humidity levels in coastal regions, unbundling the hoodies from their space in the top of the wardrobe, still feels a little while away. We’ve got more on […]

The post UAE weather: Why does the UAE get so humid in September? appeared first on What’s On .,Opening Act: As we bid adieu to the sizzling summer highs, a subtle drop in temperatures is gently ushering in the much-anticipated winter in Dubai. Despite this, humidity persists, resisting our efforts to unpack our favorite hoodies tucked away on top shelves, with a promise of a cozy season ahead.

Main Stage: So, why does Dubai witness this surprising humidity surge in September? The conversation around this topic takes center stage, creating a curiosity among residents and visitors alike. Various aspects come into play here – geographical location, coastal proximity and the unique weather pattern, each contributing to this sequence, making every discussion even more captivating.

Final Bow: In conclusion, the climatic dance of Dubai blends the stepping down of temperatures with a leap of humidity levels in September. A little surprising, a little intriguing but that’s what makes it uniquely Dubai. While the world waits for winter, we sit here, a bit dazzled, a bit confused but overall, excited for what’s to come.

Credits: A hearty acknowledgement goes to What’s On for providing the original content that inspired this piece. Sharing and expanding their insightful information helps us edify our readers about unique nuances of Dubai’s weather.

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