The UAE’s Green Pledge: Planting 10 Trees for Each Visitor at COP28

Here’s what we know about the ‘Ghars Al Emarat’ scheme… If you aren’t still aware, the UAE is hosting COP28, and it is very serious about its mission. Taking place from Thursday, November 30 to December 12, COP28 will shine a spotlight on major issues and topics regarding climate change with heads of state, senior government […]

The post The UAE pledges to plant 10 mangrove trees for every COP28 visitor appeared first on What’s On .,### Breakdown of the Key Points:

* The UAE is hosting COP28, a major event focussed on tackling climate change, which will take place from November 30 to December 12.
* This conference will gather top-level government officials, ambassadors, and other key figures for climate-focused discussions.
* The UAE has launched a unique initiative called the ‘Ghars Al Emarat’ in tandem with the conference.
* For each visitor to the COP28, the UAE pledges to plant 10 mangrove trees, spotlighting their dedication to environmental preservation.
* Mangroves, with their ability to store up to four times more carbon than other trees, are the heroes of the carbon capture world and therefore a smart choice for planting.
* This scheme will not only help offset carbon emissions from the conference itself but also has broader implications for climate change mitigation.

### Spicy Hot Take:

In a move that effectively says “no attendee shall make the polar bear homeless on our watch,” the UAE has come up with a brilliant strategy. They decided to do a kind of ‘buy one, get ten free’ deal with Mother Nature — except in this case, it’s ‘fly one, plant ten’. For every visitor that graces COP28 with their carbon-laden presence, the UAE will plant ten climate-friendly, carbon-hungry mangrove trees under the ‘Ghars Al Emarat’ scheme.

In this case, the carbon imprint of each footstep in the conference hall will be compensated for by the carbon uptake of the ten mangrove saplings swaying in the UAE wind. Think of it as a very personal offsetting plan. The more you travel, the more an environmental superhero you eventually become. Not quite the usual way world leaders tackle environmental issues, eh?

But we’re not just dealing with any old trees here. The UAE has wisely opted for mangroves, the Michael Jordans of carbon capture. These tough-rooted warriors of the wetlands can store up to four times more carbon than their tree siblings and are less likely to eye up the chainsaw every time a real estate developer comes calling.

This isn’t just the UAE feeling generous and flexing its green muscles. This ambitious move is a step towards maneuvering global climate action in the right direction. It’s admirable, it’s innovative, and it’s potentially a game-changer in the war on climate change. It’s kind of like having your cake (COP28 conference) and eating it too (planting trees), but the cake is a giant gas-guzzling jet, and the act of eating it actually saves the world (in a minor yet significant way).

Of course, the success of this plan relies heavily on follow-through. Will the UAE indeed plant these trees? Will they survive and grow to sequester carbon as promised? For now, every regular traveler-to-conference-visiting-climate-defender will just have to “leaf” their doubts behind and root for these “unbeleafable” trees.

In conclusion, the UAE turns a classic game of “who’s got the bigger carbon footprint” into an event that helps rather than harms Mother Earth. So, come on people, let’s walk into COP28 with carbon footprints and walk out with green thumbs, shall we?