The Unseen Heroes Behind Dubai’s Bustling Infrastructure

On average, around 1 million manhours are devoted to ensure smooth and optimal performance. Plus, a dedicated team of 70 employees conduct maintenance work around the clock 🤯

In total, the Dubai Metro’s fleet consists of 129 trains, comprising 50 modern units, and an initial batch of 79 trains, which have recently undergone maintenance.

#lovindubai,Teaser: Kick-off your day with an insider scoop of the bustling city of Dubai. Amidst the glitz and flamboyance, there’s an intense hum of operations that often go unnoticed.

Main Story: Every muscle in this illustrious city pulsates with effort, particularly at the Dubai Metro, where close to a million manhours are tirelessly spent guaranteeing seamless and high-calibre performance. To meet these stringent standards, the metro deploys a dedicated team of 70 steadfast employees, operating round-the-clock to ensure everything functions like a well-oiled machine.

The Dubai Metro flaunts an impressive fleet of 129 state-of-the-art trains. This number is a sum of their modern fleet of 50 units, supplemented by their initial lot of 79 trains. The older fleet has undergone recent maintenance, demonstrating Dubai Metro’s commitment to operational excellence.

Culmination: As we wrap, let’s take a moment to marvel at the intense effort invested in sustaining the rhythm of this city. Whether it’s the mesmerizing skyline or the smooth commute, the quality of your experience in Dubai is made possible by many unseen heroes.

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