This Dubai start-up converts cars to electric vehicles in Yemeni villages

A start up called Fuse EV Conversions, based in Dubai is teaming up with the International Training Development Center (ITDC) to introduce eco transportation to a village, in Yemen. Fuse specializes in solutions. Focuses on electric powertrain solutions. They plan to retrofit existing vehicles, specifically the generation dual cab Toyota Hilux with an IoT enabled powertrain kit. This initiative was showcased at COP28. Aims to meet the mobility needs of rural communities while promoting a more environmentally friendly future.

Salman Hussain, one of the co founders of Fuse expressed his excitement after months of brainstorming. Explained that they are now ready to begin testing on the ground. The collaboration also involves LM International, a profit organization known for their work in vulnerable communities around the world.

Previously LM International and ITDC had installed a panel field that provided power to villages. However there was power that was not fully utilized. Recognizing the fuel shortage in the village they approached Fuse for assistance, in retrofitting EV engines into vehicles.
The Toyota Hilux we chose went through a process of surveys and discussions, with the villagers. We considered its ability to transport both people and goods when making our decision.

Mihai Stumbea, the Chief Technology Officer of Fuse emphasized the importance of converting existing vehicles. He said, “By converting existing vehicles we’re not meeting the immediate mobility needs but also laying the foundation for an environmentally friendly future.” The main challenge, for Fuse was creating engines that could be easily installed.