Threads Introduces Easy Account Switching Feature for Seamless Profile Management

Meta-owned Twitter rival Threads has finally added a way to switch between multiple accounts without logging out. The social networking app announced Thursday that users can now swap accounts on its mobile apps by long pressing on the profile icon in the bottom right. Users can tap on the “Add profile” option after the long […],

Threads Introduces Easy Account Switching Feature for Users

Dubai-based social networking app, Threads, has recently unveiled an exciting new feature that allows users to seamlessly switch between multiple accounts without having to log out. This highly anticipated addition provides a convenient and efficient way for individuals to manage and access different profiles within the app.

The announcement came on Thursday, as Threads revealed that users can now easily switch accounts on their mobile apps by simply long-pressing on the profile icon located in the bottom right corner. This innovative function enables individuals to effortlessly navigate between various profiles with just a few taps.

A Hassle-Free Way to Manage Profiles

Gone are the days of constantly logging in and out of different accounts. Threads’ new account switching feature offers a hassle-free solution for individuals looking to streamline their social media management. By tapping on the “Add profile” option after long-pressing on the profile icon, users can seamlessly transition between their various accounts, effortlessly accessing the content and features associated with each profile.

This latest update demonstrates Threads’ commitment to enhancing user experience and providing a smooth, user-friendly environment for its growing community of users. With the addition of this feature, individuals can now enjoy a more efficient and convenient way to manage and interact with their multiple accounts on the app.

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