Toll gate operator Salik to manage paid parking at Dubai Mall

In a strategic collaboration, Dubai’s toll gate operator, Salik, has joined forces with Emaar Properties to revolutionize the parking system at the renowned Dubai Mall, recognized as the world’s largest shopping destination. The innovative venture aims to leverage Salik’s advanced technology to streamline visitor parking, introducing a system that eliminates the need for physical barriers.

The upcoming parking management system at Dubai Mall will incorporate automatic vehicle plate recognition technology to facilitate seamless parking experiences for visitors. This cutting-edge approach will enable the charging of parking fees through automatic processes, debiting the amounts from visitors’ accounts in accordance with the regulations set by Emaar Shopping Malls Management, as reported by the Dubai Media Office (DMO).

The service is scheduled for launch in The Dubai Mall during the third quarter of 2024. Although the specific parking fee details have not been disclosed, Emaar Malls will determine the charges once the project’s business rules are finalized.

Salik, as part of the collaboration, will play a pivotal role in overseeing the design, financing, development, installation, and ongoing management of the innovative parking system within the Mall. The CEO and board member of Salik Company PJSC, Ibrahim Sultan Al Haddad, expressed confidence in Salik’s ability to enhance the customer journey by removing the need for traditional gates or barriers at Dubai Mall.

Al Haddad emphasized, “Salik is ideally placed to provide this seamless and convenient customer journey, with the solution eliminating the need for gates or barriers at Dubai Mall, helping to minimize congestion and traffic for the customers.”

Salik, currently operating eight toll gates in the emirate, has ambitious financial projections for the year 2023. Anticipating a revenue growth of 9-10 percent, the company aims for an EBITDA margin ranging between 66-67 percent. This collaborative effort between Salik and Emaar Properties not only marks a significant technological advancement in parking management but also underscores the commitment to enhancing customer convenience and reducing congestion in one of the world’s most iconic shopping destinations.