Traffic Chaos on Dubai’s Central Artery: A Supercar Mishap Leads to Severe Gridlock

Dubai residents encountered heavy congestion on Sheikh Zayed Road today, starting at 6:30pm from Dubai Marina, heading towards Sharjah. Earlier this evening, there was a Ferrari incident near Dubai Internet City, causing traffic delays. Dubai officials report no injuries from the Ferrari accident. Safety is paramount – plan your journeys carefully during rush hours🙌🏼⁠

Visuals via: @prithviraj_, @ceslou and @soums_peripetatic⁠,Dubai’s Central Artery Faces Severe Traffic Jams

For the denizens of Dubai, the evening of today brought heavy traffic spells starting as early as 6:30pm on the city’s central vein, Sheikh Zayed Road. The elongated congestion stretched from the lively neighborhood of Dubai Marina, all the way towards the culturally rich emirate, Sharjah.

Unfortunate Supercar Incident Spurs Gridlock

Earlier during the dusk, a rather unfortunate incident involving a Ferrari near Dubai Internet City became the harbinger of the aforementioned traffic delays. However, amidst the turmoil, the reassuring news from Dubai authorities arrived stating no casualties or injuries from the supercar mishap. Indeed, such instances remind us of the significance of safety. Make it a habit to thoroughly plan your travels during peak hours, ensuring that your journey is smooth and secure.

Stunning Visuals Shared by Observant Locals

Our narrative is enriched with vivid imagery courtesy of @prithviraj_, @ceslou and @soums_peripetatic who shared rare visuals of the event. We urge all our readers to stay safe on roads and remain patient during these congested hours.

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