Turn Up the Volume with Spotify’s Songwriter Promo Cards: Boosting Visibility for Musical Wordsmiths

Spotify announced today the launch of “Songwriter Promo Cards,” a promotional tool for songwriters to highlight their songs and get discovered by new listeners and potential collaborators. Songwriter Promo Cards are customizable social media assets that songwriters can create on promocards.byspotify.com. Songwriters search for their name, select their profile and choose a background color to […],Turn It Up With Spotify’s “Songwriter Promo Cards”

Dubai’s vibrant music scene takes another step forward as Spotify unveils their new promotional tool – the “Songwriter Promo Cards”. These unique and customizable assets are designed to enhance the visibility of songwriting talents, helping them stand out in the music industry.

Streamlining The Road to Stardom

The process is fairly simple. Using promocards.byspotify.com, songwriters can personalize their Promo Cards by searching for their name and choosing an appealing profile. A splash of color added to the background completes the card. It’s a perfect tool, making their notable songs more discoverable to potential collaborators, and new listeners on the global platform.

Celebrating Music Shapers

At the heart of it all, “Songwriter Promo Cards” serves as an appreciation for the unseen heroes of the music world. The individuals who weave magic with their words, creating the mesmerizing rhythms that become an integral part of our lives. The conclusion is clear. Spotify continues to break barriers, offering platforms to the creators, synergizing music in its purest form, globally.

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