Twitter Slammed: Worst Disinformation Crisis in the EU

X (formerly Twitter) has been called out in the European Union for having the worst ratio of disinformation/misinformation to posts not spreading falsehoods among mainstream social networks. In a speech today discussing the latest updates from other platforms that have signed up to combat disinformation under a beefed up EU Code of Practice that’s been […],

Twitter Slammed for Disinformation Crisis in EU


Twitter, once again, finds itself in hot water as it is labeled with the worst ratio of disinformation to authentic posts among major social networks in the European Union (EU). The EU has been closely monitoring the efforts made by various platforms to combat the spread of disinformation and misinformation. Unfortunately, Twitter’s performance in this area has fallen short, leading to severe criticism and concerns.

The Disinformation Crisis

In a recent speech, EU authorities highlighted the urgent need for social media platforms to take stronger actions against disinformation. While other platforms have been diligently working to combat falsehoods as part of the EU Code of Practice, Twitter’s efforts have not been as effective. The ratio of disinformation to authentic content on the platform remains alarmingly high, earning them the undesirable distinction of being the worst performer in this regard among mainstream social networks.


As disinformation continues to proliferate across the digital landscape, it is crucial for social media platforms like Twitter to step up their game in combating false information. The EU’s scrutiny highlights the urgent need for stricter measures to curb the spread of misinformation and protect users from falling victim to its harmful effects. It is now up to Twitter and other platforms to prioritize the fight against disinformation and work towards a more truthful and reliable online ecosystem.

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