UAE SWAT Challenge 2024 sets new record with “unprecedented global participation”

The UAE SWAT Challenge 2024, set to kick off on February 3 at the Training City in Al Ruwayyah, promises to be the largest and most competitive edition yet. Organized by the UAE SWAT Challenge committee, the event has garnered unprecedented interest with 87 teams from 48 countries, a notable increase from previous years. Among these teams are five female squads and two mixed teams, reflecting a diverse and inclusive participation.

The announcement was made during a press conference at the Training City, where the organizing committee emphasized the event’s growth and success on the international stage. The continuous expansion in participation from special forces, rapid intervention units, and tactical teams worldwide highlights the global recognition and significance of the UAE SWAT Challenge.

Under the guidance of Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, the competition has witnessed significant development and increased prize money. The prize fund has been raised from $170,000 to an impressive $260,000, showcasing the commitment to excellence in the event. The first-place team is set to receive $80,000, with descending amounts for places second through tenth. Daily challenges will also be rewarded, with the top three teams receiving cash prizes.

The challenges in the competition include the Tactical Competition, Obstacle Course, Officer Rescue, Tower Challenge, and Assault Competition, each demanding a combination of tactical skill, physical prowess, and proficiency. The Dubai Police Women’s Team, participating for the second time, is gearing up to face all five challenges. Having demonstrated competitive results in the previous edition, the team is well-trained in advanced skills such as tactical shooting, breaching, sniping, and endurance.

In a unique addition, alongside the UAE SWAT Challenge, Dubai Police will host a special edition of its Esports Tournament. Forty players across eight teams—six male and two female—will compete in ‘Counter Strike 2’ and ‘Valorant,’ with a total prize pool of AED 50,000. This innovative inclusion aligns with the evolving landscape of competitive events, combining traditional tactical challenges with the growing popularity of esports.

The UAE SWAT Challenge 2024 stands as a testament to the commitment of the organizing committee and the support of Lieutenant General Al Marri in fostering a globally recognized platform for the exchange of expertise among tactical teams worldwide.