UAE welcomes sixth group of wounded Palestinian children, cancer patients

On Tuesday a new group of children and cancer patients arrived in the UAE as part of the efforts led by President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The aim is to provide treatment to 1,000 injured children and 1,000 cancer patients, from the Gaza Strip utilizing the facilities available in the UAE.

Coming from Al Arish International Airport in Egypt the plane safely landed at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Onboard were 61 children who urgently needed assistance accompanied by 71 family members.

Ever since the crisis began the UAE has been actively delivering aid and supplies to Gaza. Under the guidance of our leaders “Gallant Knight 3 ” a humanitarian operation started on November 5th with a mission to support the people living in the Strip.

The UAE has sent out 131 aircrafts carrying over 14,000 tonnes of food supplies, medical equipment and relief items. Furthermore we have set up a field hospital inside Gaza with than 150 beds to cater to those in need. To address their drinking water requirements effectively three water desalination plants have been launched in Egypts Rafah region which can produce 600,000 gallons of clean water daily.

In solidarity with children and families affected by this conflict relevant authorities in the UAE initiated a campaign known as “Tarahum, for Gaza.”This relief campaign, in the community aims to help those who’re vulnerable, children, women and the elderly.

As part of its support the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has opened its doors to 33 students from the Gaza Strip through the United Arab Emirates University. The UAE is covering their expenses.

These actions highlight the commitment of the UAE in providing assistance to the people and addressing the severity of the ongoing humanitarian crisis. The nations dedication is evident, through efforts to support and uplift those affected by the conflict showcasing the approach of the UAE.