Under UAE law, airlines must compensate for loss or damage to checked luggage, ensuring passenger rights protection

Under the UAE Commercial Transactions Law, airlines operating within or in connection with the UAE are required to compensate passengers for any loss or damage to their checked luggage that occurs during air transport. This regulation is designed to ensure that passenger rights are protected and that they receive fair treatment in the event of any inconvenience or loss caused by the airline’s handling of their luggage.

The specific provisions of the UAE Commercial Transactions Law detail the obligations of airlines in relation to passenger luggage. According to these provisions, airlines must take all necessary precautions to prevent loss, damage, or delay of checked baggage. If a passenger’s luggage is lost or damaged while in the airline’s custody, the airline is liable to provide appropriate compensation to the affected passenger.

Compensation can cover various forms of loss, including the replacement cost of lost items, the repair costs for damaged luggage, or compensation for any consequential inconvenience or loss suffered by the passenger. The law sets out specific guidelines for calculating the compensation, often considering the value of the items lost or damaged and any proof of purchase or ownership provided by the passenger.

This legal framework ensures that passengers have a clear course of action if their luggage is mishandled. They can file a claim with the airline, providing necessary documentation such as the baggage claim tag, receipts for the lost or damaged items, and any other relevant evidence. The airline is then required to investigate the claim and offer compensation in accordance with the law.

The enforcement of these regulations is aimed at maintaining high standards of service within the aviation industry in the UAE. It encourages airlines to handle passenger luggage with greater care and provides passengers with a sense of security, knowing that their belongings are protected by law.

In addition to the direct compensation requirements, the law also promotes overall better practices among airlines, ensuring that they implement effective baggage handling and tracking systems to minimize the risk of loss or damage. This not only benefits passengers but also enhances the reputation of the UAE’s aviation sector as reliable and passenger-focused.

Overall, the UAE Commercial Transactions Law plays a crucial role in safeguarding passenger rights and ensuring that airlines are held accountable for the proper handling of checked luggage, providing a robust mechanism for compensation in case of any issues.