World’s Largest Rubik’s Cube at Dubai Knowledge Park

Dubai Knowledge Park, an entity, within TECOM Group PJSC has achieved a milestone by securing the Guinness World Record for creating the largest Rubiks Cube in the world. This remarkable achievement serves as a tribute to the parks twenty year legacy of fostering innovation and creative thinking within the knowledge economy.

The Guinness World Record holding installation is a Rubiks Cube weighing a 300kg. This captivating masterpiece measures 3m x 3m x 3m making a statement about the magnitude of this accomplishment. The cube is meticulously crafted, consisting of 21 fiberglass cubes that each stand at one meter in height.

Dubai Knowledge Parks endeavor to create the Rubiks Cube globally not demonstrates its dedication to innovation but also symbolizes its two decade journey of enriching the regional knowledge economy. The Rubiks Cube, widely recognized as a symbol of problem solving and logical thinking aligns perfectly with the parks mission to nurture creativity and intellectual progress.

The grand scale of this installation reflects Dubai Knowledge Parks commitment, to pushing boundaries and embracing groundbreaking initiatives.Dubai Knowledge Park has always played a role, in promoting education, innovation and knowledge based industries. It has been a catalyst for nurturing talent fostering collaboration and driving progress in the region.

The recent Guinness World Record achievement highlights Dubai Knowledge Parks commitment to encouraging innovative approaches to learning and development. The Rubiks Cube, a puzzle that challenges the mind serves as a symbol for the parks contribution to shaping the intellectual landscape of the region.

Beyond its record breaking size this installation visually represents Dubai Knowledge Parks dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring possibilities. This remarkable achievement commemorates 20 years of growth, adaptability and an unwavering pursuit of excellence in contributing to a knowledge driven economy in the region.

By securing the title of Worlds Largest Rubiks Cube, Dubai Knowledge Park not enters the Guinness World Records. Also solidifies its position as a hub of innovation and intellectual advancement. As the park continues to evolve this monumental milestone serves as a testament to its commitment to cultivating a culture of creativity, problem solving and transformative thinking, within the landscape of the knowledge economy.