8 Quick and Entertaining Road Trips in the UAE: Unveiling the Hidden Treasures

Road trip baby… Who doesn’t love a speedy getaway? No, you don’t need your passport for this one, as there are plenty of unique destinations in the UAE. It may be a drive away, but at the end of it, you’re rewarded with a gorgeous location. From tall mountains to fossil dunes, man-made lakes and […]

The post 8 fun and quick road trips in the UAE you have to try appeared first on What’s On .,Strap in for a speedy adventure… Who can resist the allure of a thrilling road trip? No need to worry about passport control this time because the UAE has a treasure trove of unique spots waiting to be discovered. Though it requires a bit of a drive, what awaits is a breathtaking setting; from towering peaks to ancient fossil dunes, artificial lakes, and more…

Experience the delightful sojourn of these 8 quick and entertaining road trips within the UAE that you absolutely cannot miss.

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