Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority issues UAE’s first bees and beekeeping encyclopedia

ADAFSA, with the support of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan has introduced an initiative—a guide on bees and beekeeping in the UAE. This groundbreaking project is the first of its kind in the country covering a range of topics related to beekeeping and honey production.

Under the guidance of His Excellency Saeed Al Bahri Al Amri, Director General of ADAFSA this project emerged from research on honeybee breeding and the development of the Emirati bee breed. The creation of this encyclopedia was led by Dr. Denis L Anderson, an scientist who incorporated information from reputable scientific journals through ADAFSAs Bee Research Programme.

Unveiled during the Abu Dhabi International Food Exhibition 2023 this inaugural edition offers insights into aspects such as the historical significance of beekeeping, UAEs unique beekeeping system, sustainable practices, bee types and classifications as well as highlighting wild bees crucial role as pollinators. It further explores beekeeping methods for high quality honey production along with hive management techniques suitable for hot climates. Additionally it provides information on pest and disease prevention and treatment methods.

The aim is to cater to an audience in beekeeping by offering fundamental knowledge about bees diversity, importance care requirements for their development and long term sustainability. While not intended as a step by step guide per se it serves as a foundation for those passionate, about engaging in successful beekeeping endeavors.

According to His Excellency Eng Mubarak Al Qusaili Al Mansoori the encyclopedia has been developed as a resource, for individuals in beekeeping in the UAE. It covers aspects such as the background of beekeeping, different types of bees sustainable techniques and challenges faced by beekeepers. Al Mansoori highlights the role of beekeeping in promoting agricultural development and emphasizes its significance in ensuring food security, environmental preservation through pollination and positive impacts on biodiversity.

The encyclopedia represents an accomplishment within ADAFSAs Research and Development Program. It not contributes to the advancement of Emirati bee breeds but also plays a vital role in maintaining the sustainability of beekeeping and honey production. Additionally ADAFSAs initiative to distribute eighth generation Emirati queens among beekeepers further supports honey production while encouraging involvement within this sector.

Comprising 19 chapters the encyclopedia covers all aspects of beekeeping in the UAE. It offers insights into its context biodiversity preservation, pollination processes, management of bee colonies various breeds available for beginners to consider as well as methods for enhancing overall bee health and optimizing honey production. Furthermore it addresses challenges faced by beekeepers including diseases or pests that pose threats to their operations. The encyclopedia concludes by providing suggestions aimed at developing and ensuring long term sustainability, within the UAEs flourishing apiculture sector.