Mother of the Nation Festival a destination for awareness and creative experiences

The Mother of the Nation Festival organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in Abu Dhabi has created an unique atmosphere that solidifies the citys reputation as a destination for originality, innovation and exceptional experiences. This festival showcases traditions of hospitality introduces groundbreaking initiatives and encourages thinking through exciting events. All of this contributes to making Abu Dhabi a place to visit.

This years edition of the festival takes place on the Abu Dhabi Corniche. Stands out as an entertainment event. It attracts visitors with a blend of educational activities that promote awareness about sustainability in society. The festival has become a destination for family experiences filled with entertainment and excitement attracting diverse groups from both national and international backgrounds.

One notable participant in this years festival is the “Emirati Genome” platform—a program dedicated to developing a map for UAE citizens. The platform aims to expedite the development of health solutions and accurate diagnoses for future generations. By utilizing sequencing technologies combined with artificial intelligence this program provides high quality genetic data that enriches medical knowledge while positioning the country as a hub, for genomics research and innovation.
Afraa Al Mazrouei and Khayal Al Zaabi representatives, from the Emirati Genome platform engage with visitors from nationalities providing information about the services it offers. Al Zaabi emphasizes that the program is a health measure that involves analyzing saliva or blood samples to identify genetic causes of diseases. The data collected helps in creating prevention plans and advanced medical services contributing to the well being and sustainability of society.

At the festival the Emirati Genome Program Gallery provides information about this initiative. Highlights its use of cutting edge artificial intelligence sequencing technologies. Being one of the population genomics initiatives it collaborates with research and medical institutions to develop tailored health solutions.

Khayal Al Zaabi emphasizes the significance of the “Handbook” for the UAE Genome Program within their National Genome Strategy. This strategic initiative aims to establish an sustainable system that brings about a transformation in the healthcare sector while enhancing quality of life. Precision medicine is a priority, for the Emirati community as it seeks to reduce diseases prevalence. The brochure offers information and instructions underscoring the programs dedication to promoting solutions and safeguarding future generations well being.