Bird Buddy Explore: A New Digital Adventure for Bird Enthusiasts

Bird Buddy, the startup behind multiple AI-powered smart bird feeders, including the recently announced smart Hummingbird Feeder and Bird Bath, is today launching its latest product — and it’s not another bird feeder. Instead, the company is debuting a new digital product called Bird Buddy Explore, which allows anyone to browse feeds from Bird Buddy […],

Bird Buddy Expands its Product Line with Bird Buddy Explore

Introducing Bird Buddy Explore

Bird Buddy, the renowned startup known for its AI-powered smart bird feeders, is taking its innovative approach to the next level with the launch of Bird Buddy Explore. While their previous products focused on enhancing bird-watching experiences, Bird Buddy Explore offers a brand new digital experience for bird enthusiasts.

A New Digital Adventure

With Bird Buddy Explore, anyone can now browse feeds from Bird Buddy users worldwide. This means you can discover unique and captivating bird sightings from various locations around the globe. Whether you’re a seasoned birdwatcher or just starting out, this digital platform provides an exciting way to learn about different bird species and their habitats.

Expanding the Bird Buddy Community

Bird Buddy Explore aims to connect users through their shared passion for birds and nature. By showcasing a diverse range of bird sightings, this digital tool encourages users to engage with one another, sharing their experiences, knowledge, and even bird photography. It’s a virtual community that brings bird enthusiasts together, no matter their physical location.


Bird Buddy’s new product, Bird Buddy Explore, represents a significant expansion for the innovative startup. By introducing a digital platform that allows users to explore bird feeds and connect with like-minded individuals, Bird Buddy continues to revolutionize the world of birdwatching. Get ready to embark on a digital birding adventure and discover the wonders of avian life from the comfort of your own home.

Source: Bird Buddy – bird.buddy

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