Books from Dh2: 85% discount to be offered at Big Bad Wolf Sharjah

The awaited Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is finally coming to Sharjah offering a literary adventure, for book lovers. From December 19 to January 7 you can visit the Expo Centre Sharjah. Explore this book fair where discounted books will be available from 10 am to 12 am.

In an interview with Khaleej Times Andrew Yap, one of the co founders and managing director of Big Bad Wolf shared insights into the origins and objectives of the fair. The primary goal of this organization is to make an impact on the world through books by engaging children. Yap emphasized the importance of creating an atmosphere that makes reading enjoyable for kids.

At the fair you’ll find discounts starting from 85% with some books priced low as Dh2. Yap assures visitors that there will be options for everyone with a discount of approximately 75%. The fair boasts a collection of genres including fiction, non fiction and childrens books. A total of 50,000 titles await exploration. Yap acknowledges that it would take days to explore such a vast array.

This marks the time that Sharjah hosts the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair; a city widely recognized for its literary culture. Yap expresses his excitement about bringing this event to a community known for its readership. He also commends the support from the government in making Big Bad Wolf experience remarkable, in the UAE.
In the future Yap mentioned his intentions to broaden the exhibits to emirates. There have been inquiries, about hosting the event in Abu Dhabi. He emphasized the importance of media support for expansions. Highlighted the need, for a harmonious blend of bookstores and restaurants. Yap stressed that nourishing both the body and mind is crucial.