Green Scooter, South African mobility startup unveils EV solution in Dubai

In a display of South Africas expertise, in the field of vehicle (EV) solutions Green Scooter, a startup based in the country recently participated in Automechanika 2023 held in Dubai. This event served as a platform for Green Scooter to highlight its capabilities in designing, manufacturing and expanding the reach of EVs across Africa. Notably Green Scooter gained recognition for being the first to introduce a motor tricycle to South Africa back in 2018. Has since been actively promoting eco friendly transportation within their home country.

Under the leadership of CEO Fezile Dhlamini Green Scooter specializes in producing three wheeler vehicles. Their product range includes models such as the Zbee RS for passenger transport and the Zbee cargo designed for freight purposes. As a result this startup has emerged as a player driving the adoption of EVs throughout South Africa.

Dhlamini and his team at Green Scooter have established themselves as pioneers by selling electric vehicles and EV power train components within South Africa. Additionally they have been collaborating with a battery manufacturer on a project focused on developing environmentally friendly batteries for residential use as an alternative, to traditional generators.

By participating in Automechanika Dubai Green Scooter is demonstrating its aspirations on a scale.
Dhlamini believes that forming manufacturing partnerships and distributing products in countries not contributes to economic growth but also promotes the development of skills, job creation and reduction of carbon emissions.

Green Scooter has been operating in South Africa for eight years during which they have faced and overcome challenges by investing in research and development. Currently the company offers the Zbee RS and Zbee cargo models, in the market. Is expanding its focus to include battery technology. They aim to manufacture batteries for both mobile applications.

Green Scooters funding structure combines bootstrapping during its stages with support from sponsors as the company grew. Through collaborations with government agencies organizations and industry experts the startup has built an in house manufacturing infrastructure, prioritizing skills development and sourcing materials locally.

With aspirations to replicate their success in the Middle East Green Scooter positions itself as a pioneer in innovative mobility solutions. They are actively contributing to the movement, towards eco transportation.